About Our Company

Teleconsultations now more important than ever!

Mads Kjær Larsen

Founder and CEO

Khethi Nkosi


MyPocketDoctor is the first telemedicine app in the Philippines.

A Filipino telemedicine company established since 2014. Behind the company are a number of businessmen and doctors in Europe and in the Philippines. MyPocketDoctor aims to provide medical consultations in the easiest, most economical way possible. We draw on virtually all specialties and our Filipino doctors give you the best consult possible incorporating European telemedicine standards.

Our Vision

To become the pioneering and global leader in providing remote telemedicine services by constantly driving down the cost of healthcare thru the application of advanced mobile phone and web-based telehealth solutions and EMR systems

Our Mission​

To provide quality, fast and affordable telemedicine services to patients 24/7/365 with consistently high service level and utmost customer satisfaction