Is the APP ECG accurate?

1. The watch monitors ECG, is the APP ECG accurate?
You can do an EKG at home.

Everyone knows that blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters allow patients to know their physical conditions at any time. Is there any instrument that can reflect the health of the heart in real time? Smart watches have realized a new mode of ECG examination, not only moved from the hospital to the home, but also patients can detect themselves and capture heart discomfort at any time, so that the ECG information can be played back to the doctor for reference during the doctor’s visit, which is very important for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. great application significance.

The smart watch can clearly display values and function icons. There is a functional touch area at the bottom of the display screen, with the pattern of ECG curve printed on it, which can intuitively show that its main function is to monitor heart health. The back of the watch is composed of electrode sheets for ECG electrocardiogram measurement, a photoelectric heart rate sensor, and charging contacts. Although the photoelectric heart rate sensor on the back has bulges, the edges have been processed to make it smoother. The wristband (detachable) is also made of soft and comfortable elastic skin-friendly material, so the actual wearing feeling is very fit and comfortable. .

The use of smart watches is always inseparable from the connection with the APP. Although the basic functions of the smart watch will not be affected without the cooperation of the mobile phone, it is better to connect to the mobile APP to bring a better user experience. . The APP will have a complete ECG monitoring report.

2. What does it mean that the electrode falls off during the test?
“Electrode falling off” indicates that the ECG signal is not acquired at this time, which is generally seen in the following two situations:

  1. The finger does not touch the metal sheet on the watch, so no effective ECG path is formed. Please follow the standard manual measurement method.

  2. The skin is too dry, the watch is not close to the skin, and the transmission of the ECG signal is poor. You can try to moisten the wrist and fingers, and then conduct an evaluation.