Combatting COVID-19 with Strong Immune System

Did you know that there is World Immunization Week? Not day, but week. It is celebrated on the last week of April. This shows that our immunization plays a big role, especially this pandemic. When the immunity gives up, one person can die of COVID-19 virus. Strengthening our body immunity can be affected by the roles of nutrition and good habits.
The immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins, which defend the body against infection. When germs attack the body, the body becomes sick and gets infection. The common disorders of the immune system are allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. The body immunity optimized through nutrition and healthy habits.

The Role of Nutrition
A nutritious and balanced diet has been the ultimate source of body’s nutrients to perform its metabolic and physiological needs. There has been a safety precaution with regards to physical distancing while eating due to possible transmission of the virus. However, there is no particular food to avoid that can cause COVID-19. Like any other armor against a virus or any other illness, it is encouraged to increase food intake and supplements that are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc to help strengthen our immune system. A variety of foods for a well-balanced diet containing macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and limited amount of fat are crucial for overall body’s response against any types of diseases.

The Role of Good Habits
Adequate rest and sleep are also vital defenses of our immune system. Sleeping takes back our body’s energy from a long day’s calorie consumption including metabolism, muscles and organ repair, cognitive and immune response. Sleep deprivation declines our protection against the virus. Further studies also suggest that lack of sleep may reduce effectiveness of vaccination. Some ways to improve and get a healthy sleep include initiating a bedtime routine, preventing distractions, turning off any electronic devices and limiting caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals before going to sleep.
Smoking remains to be a social norm and an addiction that is hard to break due to its withdrawal symptoms. Its negative health consequences outweigh the risks for COVID-19. While there are still no exact clinical evidences of the significant effect of COVID-19 linked to smoking, it is important to note that smokers who have been tested positive for COVID-19 have higher chances to be diagnosed with moderate to severe cases. The reason is the possible build-up of inflammation in the lung tissues caused by nicotine use, adding to the effect of the virus once it reaches the lungs. Smoking cessation combats and prevents complications from COVID-19. Some tips that can aid to quit smoking involve committing with accountability groups. There are also replacing the habit with other hobbies and rewarding oneself for every accomplishment done for resisting smoking.

Combination of Food, Good Habits and Exercise
One study shows that an exercise of even less than 60 minutes can boost the power of your immunity. Regular exercise is part of healthy living. It helps control body weight, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, and protects against a variety of diseases. Watching your health this pandemic can be challenging, especially if surrounded by people who influence you to live the sedentary lifestyle. However, it is wise to devise your personal plan ahead. When exercising, it is advisable to get enough sleep, proper nutrition and clean environment. Proper nutrition is related to exercise because it affects the energy level of an individual. Skipping meals before exercise can cause headache and feeling lethargic. Finding the right exercise so as not to strain your muscles is also key. You cannot be consistent if the exercise load for you is too heavy to bear. Exercise is unique for everyone. Some settles for indoor sports. Getting healthier with exercise also comes with the need to follow your rhythm and balance of life stress. The changes in work and home space this pandemic challenges one’s routine discipline. You cannot exercise if you are too tired or too full from eating.

World Immunization Week
The theme for this year’s World Immunization Week is “Vaccines bring us closer”. Vacccination saves millions of lives every year. It is is still a top recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat not only COVID-19 but also, most of the fatal viral illnesses worldwide. Vaccine is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful health interventions.
Vaccines are considered as an acquired active immunity wherein they weaken a specific antigen to activate the immune response of the body against the virus. The available COVID-19 vaccines have different formula types but the goal is one and the same – for the body to recognize and fight against the SARS-COV2, the culprit of COVID-19 illness.

Immunity requires balance and combination of different factors. If you suspect that your body immunity is compromised, you can contact Mypocketdoctor through their Facebook page and/or chat with their agents on their website Likewise, you may check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) through this link.