Installation and user manual

Login and password will be provided for testers.

Should you forget your password, NCD/MPD will give it to you.

Basic Information

Installation and user manual should start with basic information.

Bluetooth Transmitter

The watch is using  state of the art  sensors and Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, and in order to be able to last for a long time without charging, for best results make sure to follow these steps.


Make sure the watch is as tight as you are comfortable with on your wrist and there is no dust, water or sweat on the sensors.

Wear The Watch

Wear the watch when you go to bed at night, sleep readings are essential for the quality of our service

Silicon Wristbands

Use only the certified silicon wristbands, black, red or blue.

No Other App

There should be a limited amount of electrical equipment in your surroundings, and no other app should be running on your phone during sleep.

Get it in the google app store

Here's the Link of the App. Click Here

Permission Request
During Installation

During installation the app will ask for some permissions you have to answer yes to all of them login: Request your username and password from our team. ( should be in your email or via sms )

Click on settings

In the top section you have user details — click on that.

Fill out

  • Name
  • Email
  • Sex
  • Birth date
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Skin color

Device connection

Find your watch, name as it is stated on the box.

Await connection.....if failed then try again.. make sure you do not have many BT devices running in your near surrounding as it may interfere with our device.

When connection is established, await automatic synchronization.

The watch will then start reading and updating your app and, as time goes by, the app will send the health data to our nurses.