Is the watch accurate in measuring blood pressure?

1. Is the watch accurate in measuring blood pressure? What are the principles and functions of the watch?
Watches are more accurate in measuring blood pressure. This new type of pressure measuring instrument can measure blood pressure continuously through the method of human pulse transmission time. The pulse characteristics of different types of photocapacitors are used to accurately record blood pressure. When measuring the pulse, it is also necessary to combine the peak value of the pulse of the photocapacitor of the human body. This can improve the accuracy of blood pressure, so in this way It is possible to monitor changes in blood pressure.

Watches can not only monitor blood pressure, but also sense fatigue. Sometimes when you are very tired, you will find that your sensitivity and vigilance to surrounding things will be reduced, and your work efficiency will also be reduced. decline. Through the pulse frequency, the physiological response to human fatigue can be analyzed, and of course it can also solve the personal fatigue situation.