The principle of watch monitoring sleep

1. The principle of watch monitoring sleep
The main judgment of the watch is based on the movement variables in the stages from falling asleep to sleeping to waking up. Because everyone’s body will undergo various changes from going to bed to falling asleep. When a watch is worn on the wrist, it will inevitably produce various displacements with changes in body movements. The point of gravity changes, and the watch will Record and judge whether the person is sleeping or not.

2. The principle of judging deep sleep and light sleep
When a person is in deep sleep, there is basically no amount of exercise, and the time for the amount of exercise to change becomes longer. The watch can make corresponding judgments based on this principle.

3. The smart watch monitors people’s movements through the contact between the sensor and the wrist.
Actigraphy is a monitoring system developed in recent years that enables continuous sleep-wake state monitoring without affecting daily life. As a new auxiliary examination method, actigraphy has been widely used in many aspects of clinical work, including the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of sleep disorders such as insomnia, periodic leg movement, and sleep apnea syndrome. Effect evaluation, evaluation of sleep patterns of special populations, etc.

4. How to judge sleep stages by body movement
The depth of sleep is generally measured by the reduction of physical activity and sensory sensitivity. However, it is still difficult to accurately measure the depth of sleep at present, so the monitoring data we see from the APP is only the approximate sleep time. Sleep monitoring is to monitor people’s movements through the body movement recorder, and perform cumulative calculations in a systematic calculation method. The total value is recorded every 2 minutes. At the same time, the posture data is recorded, and the sleep state is judged by calculation.

5. Sleep time
During deep sleep, human muscles will relax, and the limbs will not produce large movements, or even not move, while during light sleep, the human body will produce certain slight movements. The principle of the smart watch is to judge the state of deep sleep by monitoring the motion state of the wrist and slowly changing from light motion mode to motionless at night. Here, the calculation engine is used, and then judged according to each person’s sleep cycle. The end and start of each sleep cycle are used to calculate the deep sleep time.

6. It is reported that deep sleep only accounts for 25% of sleep time, also known as “golden sleep”.
Only the middle sleep period, deep sleep period and REM rapid eye movement sleep period in the deep sleep state have a greater effect on relieving fatigue. (In addition to these periods, there are light sleep and light sleep periods, which account for about 55% of sleep time), we can also use this data to determine whether our sleep quality meets the standard.