What factors will affect the accuracy of device step counting?

1. What factors will affect the accuracy of device step counting?
Accelerometers and algorithms built into devices are extremely delicate things. Generally speaking, when you get the device and connect to the APP for the first time, you must fill in all the information accurately! Including gender, height, weight, age, blood pressure level, these slight inaccuracies may directly affect the data detection of the acceleration sensor, and further affect the calculation of the algorithm, resulting in inaccurate step counting, incorrect distance data, and calorie consumption values. Lack of accuracy, resulting in suboptimal data, affecting your personal sports data. In addition, your arm swing posture, stride length, smoothness of the road surface, uphill and downhill, and small range may also affect the pedometer value.

2. Why did the device not start counting steps even though I started walking?
In order to reduce the error, the device sets an initial value of 20 anti-interference steps. When the real-time step count is greater than 20 steps, the step counting will officially start, and the real-time step count in the APP main interface will change. That is to say, start recording from step 20, and the data will be stored after 30 steps.