World Immunization Week


Do you believe that we can achieve long life for all?

Imagine a world where inoculations will protect people of all ages from diseases. This collective action is part of the goal of The World Immunization Week. We celebrate it this last week of April.

The Present and Future of Immunization

The World Health Organization collaborates with nations all around the world to provide governments with the direction and technical assistance for high-quality immunization programs. This way, more communities are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines are one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in history, helping to protect generations of people from infectious diseases throughout their lifetimes. Vaccines that protect against the flu or cervical cancer, for example, keep people from contracting more fatal diseases. Other vaccine-preventable diseases are diphtheria, hepatitis B, influenza, measles, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal infections, poliomyelitis, rubella, and tetanus.

The discovery of effective and safe vaccinations for more than 25 illnesses is the result of more than 200 years of research, global collaboration, and diligent trials. Vaccines for common diseases such as measles, diarrheal diseases, and pneumonia are helping more children. Their good health allowed them to live longer and more full lives. Children can participate more in school, creating memories with their families, and playing with their friends.

Investing in transformational technology and innovation allows scientists to create new vaccines faster and enhance existing ones. Vaccines can aid in the creation of a world free of preventable diseases. Once vaccinated, your immune system can effectively protect you in case of contact with vaccine-preventable diseases. Moreover, inoculation allows you to avoid spreading such diseases to others. You can even make certain to deliver a healthy baby if you get a maternal vaccination during pregnancy. The COVID-19 pandemic has proved the necessity of vaccines and pushed for more vaccine trials. Health experts are confident that we are getting closer to a world free of epidemics and disease outbreaks for future generations.


The theme for 2022 is “Long Life for All,” which attempts to bring people together around the idea that vaccines let us pursue our dreams, protect our loved ones, and enjoy a long, healthy life. It is a well-known fact that vaccines have since been trusted by families and communities to safeguard their loved ones. Inoculation comes with proper guidance from medical experts. If you want to consult with licensed doctors, you can use the telemedicine of MyPocketDoctor. The MyPocketDoctor has been actively delivering telemedicine services. You can certainly enjoy these conveniences right at your fingertips by downloading the MyPocketDoctor APP and talking to our team of doctors about your health concerns. MyPocketDoctor can be contacted through its Facebook page and/or agent chat on the website You may check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) through this website.